About Judy Spellman and the Phavior Adelic


It was back in 2011 that we found ourselves recording the first 4 videos of a brand new band that then already felt so vibrant, enthusiastic and passionated about what would pass by in the future. 

It‘s one of these things that seem to be rare and far away these days in musicians life.


Me in particular found myself sitting in the famous „le richelieu“ grand hotel right in the new  orleans french quarter, the town that ruled my musical mind for so many years. Not knowing that this would be the birthplace of a international collaboration that would change my life in many ways. 

I could have been to the art deco café a bit earlier lingering around some minutes in the steaming louisiana morning heat. Maybe then I would have missed the chance to start a table to table conversation with what would be the main actress on this record your holding up right now. 

Judy Spellman was sitting next to me, her on table 5 me on table 4 and we started chatting. Soon we found out that we both shared the same deeply rooted passion of music. Me as playing music for all my life and let music take over my mind in many situations. And her in beeing born into a family of New Orleans funk, soul and blues ambassadors. Mother Amarett who still is singing gospel around new orleans churches and her father the great Benny Spellman. 

I was crazed to hear that I was sitting next to the daughter of the famous 50‘s RnB singer that had hits like „Lipstick Traces (on a cigarette)“ and „Fortune Teller“. The songs that have been banging out of the raspy old speakers from that 60s T-bird I was traveling the south.

We both already knew by that time that this had to be expressed with what we can do best. Make music together. 


Shortly after our accidental meeting judy flew into cologne while I was setting up a band of friends and fellows from all around europe that would give colour to the band in a way only a melting pot like new orleans would offer. The idea of „Eclectic Funk“ was born. 


In the end of 2011 the first thoughts of a debut record started to grow and shortly after that we recorded the first melodies of this record. 

Again in an enviorment that seems to be rare in music recording standards these days. In the old distillery of Bröleck, where i used to live with my family for a couple of years, we transformed our living rooms into vintage analoque era recording situations. With the help of my old pal and vintage analog recording enthusiast tobias. 

All lived together, ate together and recorded with all the patience a place like this offers. Up the way into summer 2012 we recorded and played in that extraordinary situation until the big process of mixing with my by now friend Frieder started. 


A lot of things happened since then. Lovely and cruel times. All leading this snapshot to where it is right now. A blend of feelings, influences, changes, musical identities and music styles from all over the equator. 


Its Eclectic Funk


(Fabio Nettekoven, 2016)