This 9-piece band, formed in 2011 by guitarist and songwriter Fabio Nettekoven, being 19 years old at that time and New Orleans born singer Judy Spellman (daughter of legendary Soul and R‘n‘B singer Benny Spellman, whose like ”Fortune Teller“ and ”Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)“  became real standards), is one of the most spectacular and most promising projects to appear on the scene. 

This top-calibre band from three countries and two continents convinces the audience with its brilliant instrumental cast: 3-piece Horn section, organ, guitar, bass, drums, percussion and incredible vocals. This album‘s range reaches from classic Soul and R‘n‘B ballads to Afrofunk pieces and Songs influenced by groovy Blues. 

New Orleans Soul, Crescent City R‘n‘B and World Music Funk with influences from all over the world - eclectic Funk!